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List Description
ACC-Comm-wg Advance Computing Consortium - Communications
ACC-Funding-wg Advance Computing Consortium - Funding
ACC-General Advance Computing Consortium - General
ACC-Governance-wg Advance Computing Consortium - Governance
ACC-Leadership Advance Computing Consortium
ACC-Research-wg Advance Computing Consortium - Research
ACC-Resource-wg Advance Computing Consortium - Resource
ACC-Security-wg Advance Computing Consortium - Security
ACC-Training-wg Advance Computing Consortium - Training
ACC-Users Advance Computing Cooperative
AQUARIUS-API Peer group for AQUARIUS API service account holders.
AQUARIUS-Samples_Integration_Project_Digest AQUARIUS Samples Integration Project Digest
CDI_DevOps Community for Data Integration DevOps mailing list
CHS-CustomerUserGroup CHS User Group meetings list
CHS-Newsletter Description of the list: *Monthly email sent out to CHS customers, potential customers, partners, employees and anyone who requests it.
CHS-Tableau List serve for announcements, service alerts and webinar information related to the CHS Tableau Server.
External-ECCOE [no description available]
Final-list Test mailing list
GS-Software-Developers Community discussion list for software developers in the USGS. Also used to announce software development related information to the community.
HPC-Announce HPC announcements
HPC-Info HPC information for Yeti system users
HPC-Users [no description available]
Internal-ECCOE Internal ECCOE
Mailman ListServer Administrators
NAWQA-highlights NAWQA Highlights - Water-quality highlights from the USGS National
NCGMP-FEDMAP [no description available]
NMIC_Seminars Announcements of NMIC Seminars
NWIS-TS-LDMs List of Water Science Center Local Data Managers and Local Experts
NWIS-TS-Users List of NWIS-TS AQUARIUS users
NWISWEB-Notification Report emergency outages and major updates to
OED-Administrative_Courses Administrative Courses
OED-Biology_Courses Biology Courses
OED-Distance_Learning_Courses Distance and Blended-Learning Courses
OED-Geography_Courses Geography Courses
OED-Geology_Courses Geology Courses
OED-GIS_Courses [no description available]
OED-GW_Hydrology_Courses Ground-Water Hydrology Courses
OED-Human_Resources_Courses Human Resources Courses
OED-Interdisc_Hydrology_Courses Interdisciplinary Hydrology Courses
OED-IT_Courses Computer/Information Technology Courses
OED-Mngmt_Leadership_Courses Management Supervisory & Leadership Courses
OED-Pubs_Graphics_Courses Publications and Graphics Design Courses
OED-Safety_Courses Safety Courses
OED-SW_Hydrology_Courses Surface-Water Hydrology Courses
OED-WQ_Hydrology_Courses Water-Quality Hydrology Courses
PNAMP-info Listserv for announcements, newsletters, and relevant regional information related to the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP)
PNAMP-test Test mailing list for the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) Coordination Team
RadCal Radiometric Calibration
RAMPS RAMPS: Restoration Assessment & Monitoring Program for the Southwest
Telemetry List of telemetry contacts in the USGS Water Mission Area.
Test-list [no description available]
Test-wret Information updates from the Web Reengineering Team
USGS-Minerals_Abrasives USGS Minerals: Abrasives Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Africa-Middle_East USGS Minerals: Mineral publications covering Africa/Middle East
USGS-Minerals_Aggregates USGS Minerals: USGS Minerals Publication Notice
USGS-Minerals_Alabama USGS Minerals: Alabama Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Alaska USGS Minerals: Alaska Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Aluminum USGS Minerals: Aluminum publication news
USGS-Minerals_Americas USGS Minerals: Mineral publications covering North/South America excluding the United States
USGS-Minerals_Antimony USGS Minerals: Antimony Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Arizona USGS Minerals: Arizona Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Arkansas USGS Minerals: Arkansas Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Arsenic USGS Minerals: Arsenic Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Asbestos USGS Minerals: Asbestos Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Asia_Pacific USGS Minerals: Mineral publications covering Asia/Pacific
USGS-Minerals_Barite USGS Minerals: Barite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Bauxite_Alumina USGS Minerals: Bauxite and alumina Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Beryllium USGS Minerals: Beryllium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Bismuth USGS Minerals: Bismuth Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Boron USGS Minerals: Boron Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Bromine USGS Minerals: Bromine Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Cadmium USGS Minerals: Cadmium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_California USGS Minerals: California Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Cement USGS Minerals: Cement
USGS-Minerals_Cesium USGS Minerals: Cesium
USGS-Minerals_Chromium USGS Minerals: Chromium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Clays USGS Minerals: Clays Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Cobalt USGS Minerals: Cobalt Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Colorado USGS Minerals: Colorado Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Commodity_Summaries USGS Minerals: Mineral Commodity Summaries
USGS-Minerals_Connecticut USGS Minerals: Connecticut Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Copper USGS Minerals: Copper Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Delaware USGS Minerals: Delaware Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Diamond USGS Minerals: Industrial diamond Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Diatomite USGS Minerals: Diatomite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Europe_Eurasia USGS Minerals: Mineral publications covering Europe/Eurasia
USGS-Minerals_Explosives USGS Minerals: Explosives Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Feldspar USGS Minerals: Feldspar Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Ferroalloys USGS Minerals: Ferroalloys Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Florida USGS Minerals: Florida Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Fluorspar USGS Minerals: Fluorspar Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Gallium USGS Minerals: Gallium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Garnet USGS Minerals: Garnet Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Gemstones USGS Minerals: Gemstones Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Georgia USGS Minerals: Georgia Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Germanium USGS Minerals: Germanium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Graphite USGS Minerals: Graphite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Gypsum USGS Minerals: Gypsum Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Hawaii USGS Minerals: Hawaii Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Helium USGS Minerals: Helium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Idaho USGS Minerals: Idaho Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Illinois USGS Minerals: Illinois Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Indiana USGS Minerals: Indiana Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Indium USGS Minerals: Indium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Industrial_Indexes USGS Minerals: Stone Clay Glass and Concrete Products industry
USGS-Minerals_Iodine USGS Minerals: Iodine Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Iowa USGS Minerals: Iowa Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Iron_and_Steel USGS Minerals: Iron and steel Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Iron_and_Steel_Scrap USGS Minerals: Iron and steel scrap Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Iron_Ore USGS Minerals: Iron ore Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Iron_Oxide_Pigments USGS Minerals: Iron oxide pigments Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Iron_Slag USGS Minerals: Iron and steel slag Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Kansas USGS Minerals: Kansas Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Kentucky USGS Minerals: Kentucky Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Kyanite USGS Minerals: Kyanite and Related Materials Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Lead USGS Minerals: Lead Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Lime USGS Minerals: Lime Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Lithium USGS Minerals: Lithium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Louisiana USGS Minerals: Louisiana Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Magnesium-Compounds USGS Minerals: Magnesium Compounds Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Magnesium_Metal USGS Minerals: Magnesium Metal Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Maine USGS Minerals: Maine Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Manganese USGS Minerals: Manganese Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Maryland USGS Minerals: Maryland Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Massachusetts USGS Minerals: Massachusetts Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Mercury USGS Minerals: Mercury Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Metal_Indicators USGS Minerals: Metal Indicators
USGS-Minerals_Mica USGS Minerals: Mica Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Michigan USGS Minerals: Michigan Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Mining_and_Quarrying_Trends USGS Minerals: Mining and Quarrying Trends
USGS-Minerals_Minnesota USGS Minerals: Minnesota Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Mississippi USGS Minerals: Mississippi Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Missouri USGS Minerals: Missouri Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Molybdenum USGS-Minerals_Molybdenum
USGS-Minerals_Montana USGS Minerals: Montana Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Nebraska USGS Minerals: Nebraska Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Nevada USGS Minerals: Nevada Publication News
USGS-Minerals_New_Hampshire USGS Minerals: New Hampshire Publication News
USGS-Minerals_New_Jersey USGS Minerals: New Jersey Publication News
USGS-Minerals_New_Mexico USGS Minerals: New Mexico Publication News
USGS-Minerals_New_York USGS Minerals: New York Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Nickel USGS Minerals: Nickel Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Niobium USGS Minerals: Niobium and tantalum Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Nitrogen USGS Minerals: Nitrogen Publication News
USGS-Minerals_North_Carolina USGS Minerals: North Carolina Publication News
USGS-Minerals_North_Dakota USGS Minerals: North Dakota Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Ohio USGS Minerals: Ohio Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Oklahoma USGS Minerals: Oklahoma Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Oregon USGS Minerals: Oregon Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Peat USGS Minerals: Peat Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Pennsylvania USGS Minerals: Pennsylvania Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Perlite USGS Minerals: Perlite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Phosphate_Rock USGS Minerals: Phosphate Rock Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Potash USGS Minerals: Potash Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Precious_Metals USGS Minerals: Gold silver and platium-group metals publication news
USGS-Minerals_Puerto_Rico USGS Minerals: Puerto Rico Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Pumice USGS Minerals: Pumice and Pumicite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Rare_Earths USGS Minerals: Rare-Earth Materials Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Recycling_Matflow USGS Minerals: Recycling and Materials flow reports
USGS-Minerals_Rhenium USGS Minerals: Rhenium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Rhode_Island USGS Minerals: Rhode Island Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Salt USGS Minerals: Salt Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Selenium USGS Minerals: Selenium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Silica USGS Minerals: Silica publication news
USGS-Minerals_Silicon USGS Minerals: Silicon Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Soda_Ash USGS Minerals: Soda Ash Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Sodium_Sulfate USGS Minerals: Sodium Sulfate Publication News
USGS-Minerals_South_Carolina USGS Minerals: South Carolina Publication News
USGS-Minerals_South_Dakota USGS Minerals: South Dakota Publication News
USGS-Minerals_States USGS Minerals: All State Publications News
USGS-Minerals_Statistical_Summary USGS Minerals: Statistical Summary
USGS-Minerals_Stone_Dimension USGS Minerals: Stone Dimension Publication Notice
USGS-Minerals_Strontium USGS Minerals: Strontium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Sulfur USGS Minerals: Sulfur Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Talc USGS Minerals: Talc and Pyrophyllite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Tennessee USGS Minerals: Tennessee Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Texas USGS Minerals: Texas Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Thallium USGS Minerals: Thallium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Thorium USGS Minerals: Thorium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Tin USGS Minerals: Tin Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Titanium USGS Minerals: Titanium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Tungsten USGS Minerals: Tungsten Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Utah USGS Minerals: Utah Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Vanadium USGS Minerals: Vanadium Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Vermiculite USGS Minerals: Vermiculite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Vermont USGS Minerals: Vermont Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Virginia USGS Minerals: Virginia Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Washington USGS Minerals: Washington Publication News
USGS-Minerals_West_Virginia USGS Minerals: West Virginia Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Wisconsin USGS Minerals: Wisconsin Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Wollastonite USGS Minerals: Wollastonite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Wyoming USGS Minerals: Wyoming Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Zeolites USGS Minerals: Zeolite Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Zinc USGS Minerals: Zinc Publication News
USGS-Minerals_Zirconium USGS Minerals: Zirconium and Hafnium Publication News
USGS-News Receive USGS in the News, a daily digest of news stories
USGS-Texas-Info USGS Texas Information Listserv
USGS-Water_Data_Ratings Important news about USGS web presentation of Stage-Discharge ratings on the web
USGS-Water_Data_Usability_Testing People willing to provide candid, constructive feedback on USGS next-generation water-data web presentation
USGS-WAWSC_Pubalerts A public list for announcing to the subscribers information recently published reports, journal articles, and data releases by the Washington Water Science Center in Tacoma, WA.
USGS-WAWSC_Seminars A public list for announcing to the subscribers information recently published reports, journal articles, and data releases by the Washington Water Science Center in Tacoma, WA.
USGS_listserver [no description available]
Z-test-naq Test List for NAWQA
Z-test-oed Test list for OED
Z-test-tx Test ListservTexas

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